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What is this?

This is a game where you can trade virtual stocks. But instead of making numbers up, the stock values are pulled from Yahoo Finance. So when the stocks in the real world rise, it will affect the value of your shares, too! Buy and sell at the right times, and you will make lots of money!

Can I play, too?

Sure! Simply register and you will start off with 5000$. Buy any stock you like by searching for it and clicking "buy". Once the value has (hopefully) gone up, it's time to sell and make some money. Play smart, and you might become the StockBoss! :)

This looks really bad./There is just very little functionality./My 5-year-old could do better.

Yes! This is a work in progress and there is still much to be done. And since I am not a professional developer and still learning, this could take a while. But don't worry, I will get there. If you have any constructive feedback or suggestions, contact me through twitter: @rockon_sd.